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Puçage de 5 louveteaux gris européens au Parc de Sainte-Croix

Directed by Jeanne Nabais et Manon Burus (2017)

Le Parc de Sainte Croix a désiré utiliser "Sweet as a cat" pour l'associer à la réalisation de ces images fortes en émotion. La vidéo a été placée d'un commun accord sous la licence YouTube standard.

Un dimanche en Bretagne

Directed by Vincent Follézou (2013)

Sweet life in Brittany surrounded by the sea and granite... This beautiful film has chosen « Wedding » as a soundtrack, taken from the 2nd album « Den Andra ».

La Nuvola

Directed by Michael Philipp (2012)

Fashion kids bring us back to our own childhood in an ad that uses the song « Cheesecakes » from the second album « Den Andra ».

The Meaning of Travel


A short video about travel (made for iDream iTravel) using “Wedding” from our album "Den Andra".

Your Eyes

Directed by Fabio Grande (NDSTR) (2012)

Here is an interesting video which uses « Wedding » from the album « Den Andra ».

Autumn in New-York

Directed by AJ Broadbent (2008)

The model agency Ford has chosen our song « I wish I didn’t care » from the 1st album for one of its promotional videos.

Our videos

Sweet as a Cat


One of the titles of the 2nd album, edited by Damien.