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Un dimanche en Bretagne

Directed by Vincent Follézou (2013)

Sweet life in Brittany surrounded by the sea and granite... This beautiful film has chosen « Wedding » as a soundtrack, taken from the 2nd album « Den Andra ».

La Nuvola

Directed by Michael Philipp (2012)

Fashion kids bring us back to our own childhood in an ad that uses the song « Cheesecakes » from the second album « Den Andra ».

The Meaning of Travel


A short video about travel (made for iDream iTravel) using “Wedding” from our album "Den Andra".

Your Eyes

Directed by Fabio Grande (NDSTR) (2012)

Here is an interesting video which uses « Wedding » from the album « Den Andra ».

Autumn in New-York

Directed by AJ Broadbent (2008)

The model agency Ford has chosen our song « I wish I didn’t care » from the 1st album for one of its promotional videos.

Our videos

Sweet as a Cat


One of the titles of the 2nd album, edited by Damien.